Agile Test Engineer

  • Brussels, Belgium

Agile Test Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a talented Agile Test Engineer to join our team.

The Agile Test Engineer position at AppTweak will gather both testing and automation tasks in order to develop our product.

About AppTweak 

We’re at a Product-focused company and our development team is at the core of making our vision come true. We are a team with diverse background and we take our company values: Learn, Play, Friendly and Perform; very seriously on a daily basis!

We’re welcoming and inclusive for people of all cultures, genders and races.

On a daily basis, you will hear different languages around the office but we all come to a common ground at lunchtime!

About the position 

You will integrate the development team to help to validate the new features before putting them in production, ensuring each release matches our quality standards.

You will gather feedback from our users, team and keep an eye on our Application monitoring and performance tracking to lead our debug and improvement sessions.

You will design automated systems that our backends, workers, job queues and databases are always running and are able to detect on change on the App Store and Play Store.

You will also be responsible for redesigning our release system so that tests are run before each deployment.

Your Responsibilities

  •  Help the product & development team to validate the releases before deployment

  • Gather bug/performance issues report to organize and prioritize our debug sessions

  • Design monitoring and alerting systems to detect any issues in our workloads

  • Design new CI/CD pipelines allowing us to test and demo our applications

  • Implement testing frameworks and come up with test strategies across our services


  • A good understanding of agile methodologies

  • A good understanding of CI/CD pipeline principles

  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools

  • Proficient understanding of application monitoring tools

  • You have experience designing test systems and automating processes

  • Experience with time-series databases is a plus

  • Experience with Docker/Kubernetes is a plus

  • Experience with one or more testing frameworks in Ruby/Javascript is a plus

  • You love food (optional)

As this position is at the frontier of QA Engineer and Developer, we are looking for someone motivated and willing to learn! We’ll help you develop yourself! 

If you believe that your contribution will help our company grow, we’d love to meet you!