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AppTweak is a pioneer ASO platform driven by Data Science which empowers app developers and marketers to improve their app store visibility. Launched in 2014, AppTweak is the easiest and most effective tool to grow app businesses of all sizes.

App Store Optimization is an overwhelming process. Our mission is to provide our clients with a reliable dashboard offering all the data they need to optimize their app keywords, increase their organic downloads and measure their app performance.

AppTweak is the ASO tool that they can trust, build by people for people.

We now count over 800 active customers in 70+ countries; 42% of which are from Europe and 30% are from the USA.

Our team of 12 employees strives everyday to improve the tool’s features and data, deliver rich content and make your experience on AppTweak the smoothest possible.

Our team

The people behind our company

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Alexandre Mathieu
Software Architect
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Antoine Cayphas
Data Scientist
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Cédric Bousmanne
Lead Developer
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Carmen Longo
Customer Success
Thumb avatar 1527605387
David Thomisse
Lead Designer
Thumb avatar 1527605387
Lara Garit
Customer Success Manager
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Laurie Galazzo
Inbound Marketing Manager
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Marie-Laure Cruyt
Customer Success Manager
Thumb avatar 1527605388
Olivier Verdin
CEO / Co-founder
Thumb avatar 1527605389
Regis Verdin
Data Engineer
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Gwenaëlle Kollegger
Business Development Manager
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Benjamin Palmero
UX/UI Designer
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Anne Jamet
Marketing Associate


rue des Pères Blancs, 4 - 1040, Brussels, Belgium


rue des Pères Blancs, 4 - 1040, Brussels, Belgium